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Third molar impaction among patients that attended FCDTT clinic, Enugu, Nigeria from 2015 – 2017
Orap J Vol 2 Issue 1 2021


Impaction, third molar, Prevalence, wisdom tooth

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Adamu, V., Okoye, C. G., & Eneojo, N. I. F. (2021). Third molar impaction among patients that attended FCDTT clinic, Enugu, Nigeria from 2015 – 2017. Orapuh Journal, 2(1), e805. Retrieved from https://www.orapuh.org/ojs/ojs-3.1.2-4/index.php/orapj/article/view/33


Third molar impaction occurs when the tooth fails to erupt into the dental arch within the expected developmental window. Impaction sometimes causes oral problems.
This study was carried out to ascertain the prevalence of third molar impaction among patients that attended the FCDTT clinic, Enugu, Nigeria from 2015 - 2017.
Materials and Methods
The study involved reviewing records of patients that visited the clinic. After obtaining the ethical clearance and other permissions for the work, the researchers proceeded to the records section of the clinic, where the records of the 22,790 patients that attended the clinic during the period covered by the study were retrieved. The records were critically studied and observations were recorded on a data sheet. Data obtained were sorted into frequency tables and analysed using the descriptive statistics of a bar chart and simple percentages.
210 recorded cases of tooth impaction that comprised 101 male and 109 female patients were observed. Results indicated that the overall prevalence of 3rd molar impaction was 0.92%, more cases of 3rd molar impaction were seen in 2015 (40.48%), among the female gender (51.9%), and among patients aged 27 years and above (63.8%).
Early diagnosis, evaluation of prognosis, and prompt management of impacted teeth are essential to prevent the range of oral problems that may result from their presence in the oral cavity.


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